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Our kitchen cabinets
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Castle Complements will make your kitchen look fabulous!

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It's All About Preparation

Castle Complements Painting Co will take your Kitchen Cabinets apart, cleaned them and de-grease them in all areas and mask the entire kitchen.
After masking we sanded every inch of the cabinets to make sure that the primer adheres best. We then apply Primer to the frames, bases of cabinets, doors and drawer faces.
After priming the defects are repaired and another coat of primer is applied by sprayer.

Like New!

Two finish coats are applied by sprayer as well so you get a factory smooth finish.
When the paint is dry on the cabinets Castle Complements re-installs the doors with new rubber bumpers and the drawer faces with rubber bumpers as well
All of the cabinets need to be clean extensively before painting along with sanding all surfaces to make dull.

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Attention to Details

Our process when painting kitchen cabinets is to make them look like you bought them from a factory. Everything is a sprayed-smooth finish and not brushed/rolled.
Painting kitchen cabinets requires attention to details such as masking all adjacent areas for over-spray, thorough cleaning of every surface to remove grease and contaminants, lots and lots of sanding to make sure primers and finish coats stick and fine tuning any defects before the final coats to ensure a perfect finish.



Looking to update your kitchen by painting your cabinets?
Painting kitchen cabinets is one the best transformations for your home.
Make your kitchen cabinets look brand new by painting them.

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Preparation before Spraying

Worlds of improvement

The process of painting your kitchen cabinets, for us, is much the same as the factory.
We spray all finishes so you get the smoothest factory finish available.
We have a professional spray booth and cabinet-specific sanding systems for preparation.

Time is money

We use sophisticated systems, specialized cabinetry sanders and our spray booth will get your kitchen repainted in as little as 3 days.

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Location is everything

We are Local Kitchen Cabinets Specialist!

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Why we do what we do?
Seeing things from beginning to end  speaks to the personality of a good painter.
It brings fulfillment to see a project start to finish and happiness to customers.

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