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Interior Painting

Castle 1: This was our first i heart castle sign holder!
This customer from Andover, MA had us paint her entire interior when they were buying their house and it was vacant.
We painted all the ceilings, painted all the trim, painted all the walls and even painted the kitchen cabinets.
She was so happy that she had us back to paint her newly installed fence too.

“She was so happy that she had us back to paint her newly installed fence too.”

Repeat customers make up most of our clientele.
In this case they moved form out of town and were referred to us from their real estate agent.

Carpentry Services

Castle 2: This awesome client used our painting services for more than 12 years at their Andover, MA home.
Over the course of time we painted their bathrooms, hallways, kitchen and even performed deck staining outside.
Castle Complements also performed carpentry services and replaced the drywall in the living room ceiling before painting it also.

“She was so happy that she had us back to paint her newly installed fence too.”

She was referred to us from a close friend we had worked for.
This client moved out of the area for retirement last year and will be sorely missed. She baked the most amazing bread for us every time we worked for her.

Castle Complements I Heart Castle3

Bedroom and Bathroom Painting

Castle 3: This client had us paint a few bedrooms and a bathroom in her home.
She was so happy with our painter, Mike. 

She was referred to us from the embroiderer we use for jackets, hats and other gear.

By Mathew richards

Exterior Painting

Castle 5: This gentleman has used our services for exterior painting, interior painting, kitchen cabinet painting and even staining/ polyurethaning throughout their house.
Over the course of 10 years we have been entrusted to work for him many times to also include his place of business.

“​Over the course of 10 years we have been entrusted to work for him”

He was referred to us from several other clients we have worked for on his street

Castle Complements I Heart Castle6nl

Bedroom and Exterior Painting

Castle 6: Well, this is not really our client in the photo.
But, his mom and dad are!
They were too shy to be in the photo but he wanted to instead.
We painted several bedrooms and have since been back to paint the exterior of the house too.

They were referred to us from a family friend.

Hallway and Trim Painting

Castle 7: Another awesome photo.
We love when the kids get involved.
She was a princess.
Castle Complements painted the entry hallway walls and trim.
We also painted the basement finished areas as well.
There were also many times in the winter that we helped with clearing the snow off a problematic section that was prone to ice dams.

“many times in the winter that we helped with clearing the snow”

They were referred from her sister who is also our customer.
Castle Complements I Heart Castle8

Interior Painting

Castle 8: This 8th photo of our customer used our painting services at least 6 times. She took advantage of our 1-day royal treatment for a few projects.

She found us through a mothers networking group.

Castle Complements I Heart Castle9

Kitchen Walls Painting

Castle 9: This client had Castle Complements paint the exterior of her home.
After that she hired us to paint the kitchen walls and woodwork and also pain the living room which was an open concept.

She got our name from her neighbor.

Castle Complements I Heart Castle10

Entire Exterior Painting

Castle 10: Castle Complements painted the entire exterior of this clients home. we also went back to paint 4 more interior rooms the next year. 

We were referred by the neighbor across the street

Finished Basement Painting

Castle 11: This client has been working with us for more than 12 years.
She has referred us to many many people trough her job and her social network.
We have painted the exterior of her home, painted the finished basement and a couple rooms in the house more than once over the years.

“She has referred us to many many people..”

We'd love to meet you and let you know the perfect solution

Why we do what we do?
Seeing things from beginning to end  speaks to the personality of a good painter.
It brings fulfillment to see a project start to finish and happiness to customers.

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