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Absolutely, all areas not being painted, floors and furniture will be covered with plastic and/or drop clothes. Upon completion we will clean up so it looks like we were never there- except for your beautifully painted space.

Yes, our references are available upon request. We have almost 20 years of happy painting customers and can provide you with references.

Yes. Castle Complements Painting Co., Inc. is licensed by the State of Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor License #157414. We also maintain general liability insurance, automobile liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance as required by law.


We use premium quality products from all the major suppliers. However, the brand of paint we use can be influenced by other factors including customer preference, the nature of the project, and other bid specifications.


Only background checked and fully competent personnel will be at your home. Castle Complements does not sub-contract any portion of the painting. This is super important to us so we can deliver the best experience to you.

In most situations we will be complete within a week ensuring the least amount of disruption to you and your home. Once a project is started we continue it until complete. 

Yes, we have extensive knowledge and ability to provide wood rot repairs when preparing the exterior of your home for painting like siding, window casings, corner boards, fascia, rake boards etc. We also are capable of replacing doors, installing baseboards, casings, crown molding, chair rails and shiplap.

This is a common question. The industry average for exterior repaint is 7 years. Some homeowners repaint more often because they like the freshly painted look and want to protect their home. From experience, we see the 9 year mark as the sweet spot for our customers.

Often, after washing a home customers mention how clean it is and how often they should wash it. If you have a vinyl siding house and it turns green on the north side then you are a good candidate for every 3 years. We also have clients that have us back every year for a cleaning.

Yes, our estimate for painting include the paint. We not only specify the paint but we specify which sheen and product line within a manufacturers brand. For instance on our interior painting quotes we specify for “Benjamin Moore Regal Select Eggshell” paint for walls. This way you know exactly what premium paint we are going to use as the price of paint can vary from $18-$80 per gallon and you should know what you are getting.

A fresh coat of paint is the most economical way to freshen up your home when selling. Giving a new, clean, fresh appearance which may aid in selling your home.

Before any painting happens we will move the furniture into the middle of the room. It will then be covered in clean plastic to protect it from dust and paint. Finally, the entire work floor area is covered in a canvass drop cloth to prevent any spillage onto the floor or carpeting.

Typically the sheen of paint on the ceiling is a flat paint. This reduces and glare from a shinier coating.

The most common wall coating is eggshell paint. This wipes and cleans easily and has a small amount of angular sheen. Some customers choose a matte finish which is almost flat. Other choose a satin finish which is even easier to clean  due to its higher sheen however, it can show defects in the wall when viewed at a wider angle.
The most common woodwork coating sheen is semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss has the easiest ability to be wiped or washed which can happen frequently on commonly used items such as doors. If semi-gloss is too shiny for you then we suggest satin sheen or pearl sheen which is just as good but less shiny.

Yes, all our work is warranted for 3 years. We take your project seriously and want you to be assured it will last.

No, estimates are always free.

We generally work Monday though Saturday, 7:30-4:30 for exteriors and Monday through Friday 8:00-4:00 for interiors. We can do work at other hours if needed on a case by case basis.


Yes, we want you to do whatever is comfortable for you. If you would like to be home that’s great. If you would like to go on vacation and have it completed while you are gone that’s fine too. Everyone is  different. 

Most latex paints dry within and hour. Newly available oil based paints also dry within an hour. Although they may be dry to the touch most paint takes about a month to cure to optimal hardness.

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