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Our exterior painting Service

Exterior painting is extremely important to the protection of your home’s building materials.

Is your House Protected?

Exterior painting is extremely important to the protection of your home’s building materials.
Sun, wind, rain, snow, and moisture all wreak havoc on the siding and woodwork of your home.
A properly prepared exterior home painting  project will withstand the elements while protecting it for years to come.

  • We come to your home or business for a free estimate at a convenient time for you. You can book a quote yourself- right now.
  • A walk-around is done noting any problem areas
  • During the walk-around, a moisture meter is used to check the moisture level of the substrate. Moisture levels are important to the adhesion of paint/stain
  • A thorough written estimate is then formed based on what needs to be done. Our written proposals are usually 8-12 pages long. This ensures all aspects of the project are included and in writing

Exterior Painting is our Specialty

Exterior house painting has been a specialty of Castle Complements Painting Co for almost 20 years. Protect your most valuable asset from the elements with the best house paint on all your siding, fascia, exterior house trim, soffits, doors and windows.

   Preparation For Exterior Painting:
  • Loose paint is removed by scraping and sanding
  • Rotted/loose boards are replaced as needed or as contracted
  • Failed caulking is removed
  • New caulk is applied
  • Windows are glazed as needed or as contracted
  • Nails are countersunk and filled with painters putty
  • All dust from sanding/scraping is removed
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Paint Every 7 Years

The industry average for exterior home painting is 7 years. Most of our clients see repainting the exterior at the 9 to 10 year mark.

   Exterior Painting:
  • Areas prepared are spot-primed where needed with appropriate primer for substrate
  • Areas not to be painted are covered and protected
  • Premium quality paints are applied as specified
  • Benjamin Moore Paints are used  unless otherwise noted in quote
   Exterior Clean Up:
  • Garbage/loose paint chips are picked up daily
  • Tools are put away daily
  • Ladders are stored horizontally for safety


Our Exterior Painting Service is widely sought after, We have brought new life to the homes of many home owners in our community with our professional and quality paint  jobs. Each and every exterior pain job includes a free estimate, which is complete with all details of the job, so that all communication is put up front. To prepare for the Paint Job we remove build ups of old paint and caulk, and remove any rotten wood inhibiting our ability to do the painting. We then spot prime where necessary and paint using the agreed upon materials and number of coats. This is of course followed by completely cleaning any mess we had to make. When you see the finish work, there is little doubt left why so many home owners use Castle Complements Painting Co. as their local house painter experts.

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Worlds of advance

When preparing the exterior of your home it can be a dirty and messy process. Scraping paint and sanding makes a lot of dust. Castle Complements is outfitted with state of the art sanding and scraping machines that have suction at the source of the dust and it all ends up in a vacuum system- not on the ground.
Most houses are started and finished in one week.

Time is money

Afraid of heights?
Don’t own the proper tools? We have everything needed to get to the tallest peak and make sure you stay safe by letting us do it.
Most houses are started and finished in one week.

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Location is everything

We are Your Local Exterior Painter

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Why we do what we do?
Seeing things from beginning to end  speaks to the personality of a good painter.
It brings fulfillment to see a project start to finish and happiness to customers.

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