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Our carpentry Service

Castle Complements Painting Co offers carpentry services.
Think of us as a carpenter handyman while we are at your home preparing to paint.

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Wood Rot Repairs

Wood rot repairs and carpentry for the exterior of your home.
Wood rot repairs are a common part of preparation for painting the exterior of your home.
The elements are demanding on the wood, especially here in the Merrimack Valley, and eventually rot or decay the wood if exposed for too long.

Water Infiltration is the Problem

The most common cause of wood rot on a home is water infiltration.
The wicking (or capillary) action of the wood with water is the same even though it is not alive.
Water is absorbed by the wood and drawn up the grain.
This is especially true when the bottom of a vertical board is touching the ground.
Water is constantly absorbed by the end grain and it rots out the bottom couple inches of the board.

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Wood Rot Common Areas

This wood rot happens most commonly to areas around your garage door frame, window frames and rake board ends most commonly.
Other areas of wood rot are window sills, gable vents and cedar siding.
Castle Complements Painting Co. can easily repair the wood rot and perform carpentry repairs to the exterior of your home as part of an ongoing maintenance schedule or to get ready for exterior painting of your home.

Long Lasting Paint Project

We are readily available to replace cedar clapboards, cedar shingles, rake boards, fascia, window casings, door casings, window sills, sill noses, pine trim and soffits.
As an added benefit, Castle Complements Painting Co also uses PVC trim boards as much as possible when repairing rotted wood.
This makes for a very long lasting exterior paint project with no worries or repairs to further rotted wood.


Common areas that need wood rot repairs when exterior painting are: clapboard siding and shingles, fascia, window casings, door casings, corner boards, rake boards, railings and decking.
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Worlds of modernism

When it comes to carpentry and wood rot repairs on the exterior of your home castle complements highly suggests the use of PVC boards like Azek/Kleer/ Veranda brands. These cellular PVC boards never rot or split and when painted look great for years without worry.

Time is money

Castle Complements has cordless saws, nail guns and other tools allowing quick set up for carpentry so that we can get more done.

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Seeing things from beginning to end  speaks to the personality of a good painter.
It brings fulfillment to see a project start to finish and happiness to customers.

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