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Our interior painting Service

Castle Complements Painting Company is the best choice for your interior home painting services.

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Your Interior Brighter

Painting the interior is the fastest way to make any room look fantastic, modern and cozy. 
When properly painted any interior can look brighter, larger and inviting. Most rooms take only 1 to 2 days to paint the walls, ceiling or woodwork and has the most impact.
Interior painting services of a residential painting contractor like Castle Complements can be instrumental when readying your home for sale too.

How are you Walls?

The most common interior painting needs are painting the walls.
Most walls are painted with eggshell paint or eggshell finish paint that has just a small amount of sheen. this makes the eggshell paint washable but not too shiny.
The most common colors at the moment are gray interior paints.
Gray interior walls have been a trend for the past 5 or so

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Woodwork need more Attention

The woodwork in your home needs to be painted with a more robust coating.
The best painting for woodwork is a pearl finish paint, satin finish paint or semi gloss paint. Interior paint applied to your woodwork such as doors, baseboards, windows and moldings.     
These sheens make it easier to clean your painted woodwork that your residential painting contractor applied.

Its all About Preparation

Interior painting is an inexpensive way of increasing the value of your home.
Paint color changes can enhance interior lighting, mood, and perceived space.
However, there is a bit more to a quality paint job than applying paint to your walls, trim, ceiling, etc.
Preparation is where a professional paint job begins and is the most important step of all.

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Set up and Preparation for Interior Painting:

  • Furniture is moved and covered with plastic
  • Fixtures are removed or covered with plastic
  • Floors are covered with drop clothes
  • Nails/screws/picture hangers are removed and holes filled.
  • Switch and receptacle covers are removed.
  • Cracks are filled and sanded smooth.
  • Cleaning with soap and water is done where necessary,
  • Surfaces are lightly sanded.
  • Water stains are sealed.
  • Cracks in trim are caulked.
  • Nails are countersunk where necessary.

Priming and Painting for Interiors:

  • Spot prime all areas repaired/prepared
  • Surfaces are painted with a high-quality coating according to customer’s color/sheen selection
  • Benjamin Moore Paints are used  unless otherwise noted in quote
  • Successive coats are applied as quoted


The Castle Complements Interior Pain Job is comprehensive. To prepare for your painting job, we cover all of your furniture to avoid unnecessary damage. We fix any minor cracks we find in the walls and baseboards. The Interior painting process then includes sanding, spot priming, and the previously decided upon number of coats. We then clean any mess we had to make so that the only evidence we leave behind are your beautiful painted walls.

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Castle Complements Painting Innovation Interior

Worlds of novelty

Castle Complements uses innovative techniques when we work on your home. The process of painting is usually a messy endeavor. Not with us.
We use sanding systems
that have dust extraction into a HEPA vacuum system to keep your home clean. We also use negative airflow in your home to keep dust at bay.
Air is moved outside of the home through the use of blowers and ducting to be sure thrust does not migrate from the work area into your other living spaces.

Time is money

Spend time with your family on the weekends instead of painting.
We can get your house interior looking beautiful in as little as one day with our prep and painting techniques.

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Location is everything

We are your Local Interirior Painter

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Why we do what we do?
Seeing things from beginning to end  speaks to the personality of a good painter.
It brings fulfillment to see a project start to finish and happiness to customers.

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