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Posted by on Feb 21, 2016 in Blog |

Lawn Maintenance vs. Exterior Painting

Lawn Maintenance vs. Exterior Painting


Keeping your home looking its best takes a lot of effort. Sometimes you may do it yourself and sometimes you choose to have it done for you.

Lawn cutting services are one of those weekly items that many people choose to have help with. We heard an analogy once that went something like this: If you were given a plant that required a certain amount of water every week, needed to be fed by the season, trimmed every week, treated for pests, just the right amount of sun, aerated and de-thatched every year would you want it? Most folks would say no way- that’s too much to do. But, that is exactly what it takes to have an okay looking lawn.

Did you know that this process, when you include Spring and Fall cleanups, costs more than most are willing to paint the exterior of their home?

Here’s a simple breakdown: Let’s say you mow your lawn from Mid-May through Mid-October (20 weeks).

Now let’s say you pay $40 for just lawn cutting

Fertilizer only in the Spring and Fall at $40 per application

Spring and Fall cleanup at $200 each

The total per year is $1,280.00

Ok, so now let’s look at the cost to paint the exterior of your home on a 7 year average. You would have spent $8960.00 or more on your lawn.

Most exterior paint projects are less than this and the paint protects and beautifies your most important and appreciating asset.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t take care of your lawn. Just trying to give some perspective when making the decision to make your home look its best.  Maybe you could paint your lawn? Seriously, it’s available ……..

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