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Looking for an easy way to brighten your home? Whatever your

decorating style, there are wallpaper patterns and coordinating borders that will be a perfect match to your decorating personality.

If you haven’t checked out wallpaper designs for a while, you’re in for a welcome surprise: New patterns feature intriguing color combinations and imaginative designs, in moods that range from charming country to sleek contemporary. Whether your preference is for the abstract or a picture perfect reproduction of botanicals and landscapes — or perhaps your interest falls somewhere in between — there are patterns that will please. In addition there is a range of new “non-pattern designs” as well, striking textural papers that add depth and dimension to your decorating scheme.

Of course the many choices of color and design make wallpaper a major decorating tool, but it can do much more than just beautify a space. Wallpaper can improve proportions, add character and provide architectural interest to a room that lacks it. Vertical stripes, for example, can make a low ceiling seem higher, while horizontal designs have the effect of seemingly pushing out the walls, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

Use wallpaper to create decorating magic all through the house. Dark rooms can appear brighter and more interesting when airy motifs cover the walls, and an all-over design used on the ceiling, as well as the walls, can disguise sloped ceilings and oddly angled walls.


Whichever style or type of wallpaper you should choose, Castle Complements can install it for you. Give us a call for professional installation.