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Interior Painting Services

Interior painting is an inexpensive way of increasing the value of your home. Color changes can enhance interior lighting, mood, and perceived space. However, there is a bit more to a quality paint job than applying paint to your walls, trim, ceiling, etc. Preparation is where a professional paint job begins and is the most important step of all.

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Set up and Preparation:
  • Furniture is moved and covered with plastic
  • Fixtures are removed or covered with plastic
  • Floors are covered with drop clothes
  • Nails/screws/picture hangers are removed and holes filled
  • Switch and receptacle covers are removed
  • Cracks are filled and sanded smooth
  • Cleaning with soap and water is done where necessary
  • Surfaces are lightly sanded
  • Water stains are sealed
  • Cracks in trim are caulked
  • Nails are countersunk where necessary
Priming and Painting:
  • Spot prime all areas repaired/prepared
  • Surfaces are painted with a high-quality coating according to customer’s color/sheen selection
  • Benjamin Moore Paints are used  unless otherwise noted in quote
  • Successive coats are applied as quoted
Standing Behind our Work

At Castle Complements, we take pride in what we do. All work is guaranteed for 3 years.