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Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Blog |

How Soon After Installing a New Fence Do We Paint/ Stain It?

How Soon After Installing a New Fence Do We Paint/ Stain It?


A common question we get is how long to wait before staining or painting my new fence?

Purchasing a new fence is a big investment. Most installers will tell you to wait a period of time after installation to apply stain or paint. This is true, especially if you install with pressure treated pine fence posts. Just like a deck, it needs to dry before applying a finish.

Not all fences are made with the same materials though. If you install a cedar fence you do not need to wait an extended period of time as it may weather too much and need to be completely sanded to remove weathered wood from the surface.

So, how long to wait?

A good rule of thumb is to wait a month or two if the fence is made with dry materials. This will allow it to weather enough but not too much.

If the fence is made with pressure treated materials it may be 3-4 months for the posts to dry enough and can be checked with a moisture meter.

What if you’ve waited too long?

If you’ve waited too long and the wood is weathered and gray the fence can be sanded to remove it or it can be washed with specialty cleaners ¬†and some sanding before application of finish coats

What if you don’t want to wait?

If you have a pressure treated fence- YOU SHOULD WAIT. If you have a fence built of a dried material such as cedar we can wash the fence and treat it to make sure the wood is able to accept a finish sooner than waiting a month or two. You just need to wait a few days after washing it.


Mathew Richards
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