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1 Day Royal Treatment

Your 1-Day Royal Treatment Includes:

A Trained Paint Technician
A Fully-equipped Castle Complements Vehicle with all necessary supplies
7.5 hours of Professional Painting

 for: $399.00


We'll take care of it!

We’ll take care of it!

Your Royal Treatment could include any Interior or Exterior items, such as:

  • Paint a  Bathroom or Kitchen
  • Paint your Entry Door
  • Touch up your Baseboards
  • Seal and Paint a Water Stained Ceiling
  • Prep and Paint Exterior Trim
  • Pressure Wash Exterior Surfaces

This service is especially useful for customers who:

  • Are sprucing up before a party
  • Are getting their House ready for sale
  • Are just moving in to a home
  • Don’t  have a paint “project” but there are areas that could use a fresh coat

No Quote Needed- Just Call or Email to Schedule