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Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Blog |

Paint Quotes- An Apples to Pineapples Comparison?

Paint Quotes- An Apples to Pineapples Comparison?

We give dozens of estimates each year for painting, carpentry, wallpaper installation, wallpaper removal and house washing. Actually, we give dozens of QUOTES a year- we’re not particularly fond of calling them “estimates“.

There is a lot that goes into a painting quote to ensure it portrays your needs. Most reasonable homeowners will get a few quotes for their own apples-to-apples comparison.

So, where does the pineapple come in to the comparison? Well, it’s usually in the form of a paint estimate from a contractor with 1 or 2 pages of information about your project. The competition may include general information about how many coats of paint, perhaps even their licenses. This may be enough for some to make a decision. However, for us it is barely a beginning in forming a solid comparison and that’s why we call it a pine’apple’. The word apple may be in there, but it’s far from being a quote for painting that ensures everyone knows what is going to happen.

A complete paint quote is all about the details. Here are a few points to consider:

  • How many coats and on what surfaces: specifying the number of coats and where is essential.
  • Insurances: Both Workers Comp. and Liability Insurance information is included in our quotes. If something was to go wrong or someone got hurt who would be responsible if there wasn’t insurance coverage from the contractor? You would be!
  • Products: Castle Complements not only lists the manufacturer of the products to be used but also specifies the exact product line within the brand to be used. For instance, We can get Benjamin Moore Paints that range from $18-$60 per gallon. If not specified, how do you know what you are getting?
  • What’s NOT being done: Sometimes what is not included is just as important and what is being performed. Our quotes have a “items specifically included” and “items specifically excluded” area just for this reason.
  • Pictures: We often use pictures with arrows, circled areas and notes on them to mark exactly what/where work will be performed. These pictures are also given to the crew leader on the job making sure everything promised gets delivered.
  • Affiliations
  • Licenses
  • Timeline
  • Payment Schedule
  • Warranty, Your Pets, Old Paint, Allergies, Hazardous Materials, Lead Paint, Mold and more are covered in our Quotes…………. 

We want you to be totally confident that when you pick us to paint your castle you get exactly what you purchased.

Book your quote for painting today at a time convenient for you. Love Your Castle-Love Your Painter!

Also, here is more info on how to choose a paint contractor 


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Mathew Richards
Owner of Castle Complements Painting Co., Inc. with the never ending passion to deliver the best service to our customers. From top-notch communication, trained and background checked staff to the best performing products. We offer professional interior and exterior painting, powerwashing, deck care, carpentry and wallpaper services for residential and commercial spaces. Love Your Castle-Love Your Painter!