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Andover, MA Professional Interior Painting

Looking for a painter in Andover, MA? Castle Complements can take care of your home like no other painting company. From background checked employees, ongoing training, daily communication, straight lines, and keeping your home clean while we paint, there is no reason to keep searching for your house painting team.

Our exterior painting services are widely sought after. We have brought new life to the homes of many Andover residents with our professional & quality paint jobs. Each and every exterior paint job includes a free estimate, which is complete with all details of the job, so that all communication is put up front. To prepare for the paint job, we remove buildups of old paint and caulk, and remove any other rotten wood inhibiting our ability to do the painting. We then spot prime where necessary and paint using the agreed upon materials and number of coats. This is of course followed by completely cleaning any mess we had to make. When you see the finished work, there is little doubt left why so many use us as their Andover, MA house painters.

exterior painting in andover ma

Completed Exterior Painting Project in Andover, MA

Andover, MA Painting Projects

  • Exterior Wood Rot Repair & Painting Project in Andover, MA:  We recently completed a project in Andover, MA that completely transformed the exterior of a home. We scraped and sanded the siding of this Andover home, replaced several window casings and fascia that were rotting, and primed the home before applying two coats of Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint.
  • Wall Paper Removal & Painting Project in Andover, MA: For this project, we helped out an Andover homeowner who is planning on selling their house in the next few years. We removed the aging wallpaper, skim coated any remaining wallpaper, and painted the walls.
  • Dark Stained Woodwork in Andover, MA: In this recent project, we completely revamped the look of this office by removing the old wallpaper, masking all the surfaces, and applying multiple coats of paint to the baseboards, walls, casings, shelf, and door.

Andover, MA Interior Painting

Our interior painting services have also satisfied many of our Andover, MA customers. The Castle Complements paint job is comprehensive: To prepare for your painting job, we cover all of your furniture and fixtures to avoid unnecessary damage. We fix any minor cracks we find in the walls and baseboards. The painting process then includes sanding, spot priming, and the previously decided upon number of coats. We then clean any mess we had to make so that the only evidence we leave behind are your beautifully painted walls!

Andover, MA is a town of about 33,000 people in Essex County, MA. Andover, MA has been the place of many important events in Massachusetts’ history. An Andover resident played an important role in the Salem Witch Trials by making accusations about several young girls. Samuel Philips, another Andover man, helped draft the Massachusetts State Constitution. Also, the death of Franklin Pierce’s son, said to have significantly affected his Presidency, happened in Andover. 

Matthew Richards is a U.S. Army veteran who turned some side work in 2000 into a full-blown painting business that has flourished by way of quality work, reliable service, and word-of-mouth. For a quality Andover, MA painting job, contact Matt and the Castle Complements team at 978-235-5678 or by email at

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