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Our Story



Mathew Richards- Owner


We truly care about your experience, your satisfaction and that you will “Love Your Castle- Love Your Painter”

Our commitment to you is:

  • Getting a paint quote will be easy
  • We will call, email, text or instant message you back when you contact us- Every Time!
  • We will take care of your Castle as if it were ours: little disruption, keep it clean
  • We will stay on your project until completed
  • We will only use our employees. No sub-contractors.
  • You will be treated respectfully

How It Started

Opening the ‘doors’ to Castle Complements came in June of 2000. Mathew, recently home from ¬†the U.S. Army, got a phone call from an aunt who had a friend that needed some painting done. This was not new to Mathew, though it had been a few years since he picked up a brush. Painting this customer’s castle led to the next and the next……. Previous to his military endeavor he had painted with his mother, Debi. She was a painter by trade for over 20 years at the time. Many a customer saw this duo paint together for the first 5 years in business working strictly by word of mouth. Business steadily increased and Mathew took on his first of many employees.

Keeping customers happy by giving more than they expect is our foundation to making your castle look its best. Most all customers will say that ‘The last painters never did that’. Castle Complements Painting Co. likes to reset your standards to a better longer lasting paint project. Protecting and beautifying your largest investment is our goal while establishing long term relationships.

Today, fifteen years later, word of mouth is strong. Original customers still call to say hi and best of all we are still beautifying castles.